Are you just tired? [It makes it worse for most]

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I posted a poll in our members only Facebook group the other day.

“For which of the following does being tired make more likely and / or worse?”

33 people answered in total.

Not a huge sample size, I’m aware.

But interesting nonetheless.

Here’s the options and the percentage that chose each:

Overwhelm 24%
Anxiety 33%
Stress 33%
Depression 24%
Irritability 64%
Over eating 18%
Comfort eating 76%
Drinking 33%
Snacking 40%
Missing workouts 58%
No difference to any 0%

To be honest, I’m surprised the numbers weren’t higher.

I’d have selected all of them personally.

But, it makes you think, doesn’t it?

We know it’s not the ‘entirety’ of the conversation.

We not daft enough to say that anxiety and depression are just ‘being tired’.

But I think it’s fair to say that being well rested definitely won’t hurt.

And will, hopefully, help.

With those, the other things mentioned and more.

Easier said than done, sure.

Like everything is.

— — Nothing is easier to do than say — — -

But worth a bit of effort, yeah?

A relatively easy win compared to a lot of things we can do.

Going to bed a bit earlier, minimising tech directly before bed, magnesium salt baths, pre-bed relaxation techniques, etc.

None a massive effort.

And can make those things in the list less likely and / or lower impact.

Much love,

Jon ‘Snoozy’ Hall

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Dad to Oli, Izzie, Jamie and Charlie, husband to Alex ad Chief Ninja @ RISE

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Jon Hall

Dad to Oli, Izzie, Jamie and Charlie, husband to Alex ad Chief Ninja @ RISE