They never check how to win

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I’ve mentioned before in these blogs that I used to be an Area Manager for Fitness Agents.

We ran the Personal Training brand for several major health club operators.

Every month we would go down to Head Office in Islington for a training day.

I remember one time we had an Apprentice theme day.

A series of tasks along the lines of The Apprentice TV show had been organized.

I was sadly fired on the last task after making a mistake that cost our team the win.

I did at least get a “With regret, you’re fired” 🙂

When they were doing the explanation of the day at the beginning, the directors, Andrew and Nick, said something that stuck with me ever since.

When referencing the TV show itself.

They said “They never check how to win.”

Meaning that the contestants sometimes end up doing things that aren’t going to increase the chance of them winning.

They don’t always get clear of what is the important part of the task.

Whether that be how much money is generated, the profit made, the feedback industry experts give or something else.

And they’ll end up wasting time and effort doing something which has a degree of value, but isn’t going to increase the chance of them achieving the thing they want to achieve.

To win the task.

We all make that same mistake from time to time.

We have something we’d like to achieve and we do things which we think will help with that but actually won’t.

We haven’t got clear on “how we win”.

We try to lose weight and we cut out certain food groups or don’t eat at certain times or change something else about the way we eat……..

But we don’t actually make sure we’re in a calorie deficit.

Oh we’re trying to get fitter and we get too hung up on the ‘best’ ways to exercise and the highest return on investment activities……..

But just don’t actually do ‘enough’ to make progress.

Many of the things we could do have their place.

They are potential methods.

But it’s the principles that are key.

Pick the methods that work for you, for whatever reason.

But never at the expense of achieving those principles.

Never forget how to ‘win’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Lord’ Hall

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